Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ page will answer general questions about this plan and the process. If your question or comment was not addressed on this page,  please visit the “Contact Us” page to send the consultants a message.

What is a Unified Development Ordinance (UDO)?

A UDO is a legal document that combines the traditional zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations, along with other desired regulations such as design guidelines, sign regulations, etc. into one comprehensive document.  The new UDO will govern land use, the subdivision of land, and development patterns in both Evansville and Vanderburgh County. This Ordinance will remove/replace out-of-date regulations, provide new processes, and incorporate flexibility in the Ordinance for more creative and appropriate development. The new UDO will contain tables and graphics, so it is easier to use and understand.  It will also simplify the review processes to be less cumbersome and allow for developers, residents, and business owners to obtain approvals quicker and less cumbersome by navigating the regulations through a user-friendly format.

Why Create a UDO?

What Communities will this Impact?

Who is on the Advisory Task Force?

How can I get more Involved?

Despite this process taking longer than expected due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, task force members are not being added to the list at this time. To get involved in the process, Staff and the consultant team welcome public comment through the “Contact Us” page, public survey responses, comments on materials found on the “Document Center” page, and by participating in public meetings.

Will there be Additional Focus Group Meetings?

A number of focus group meetings were held at the beginning of the process. These focus groups were aimed at representing various groups across the community, including various community representatives, stakeholder and business leaders, and residents of the City and County to gather feedback about the community, common issues, things that were working well (policy and design standards), and wants and needs by the community members.  As Staff and the consultant team have gone through the process of drafting UDO chapters, they have reached back out to various members of these groups to ask for input, but no additional meetings are planned for the remainder of the process at this time.